Liam Gallagher injured in face after falling from helicopter

The British singer shared a selfie on Twitter where his scratched face is covered in cream and a bandage.

More fear than harm for Liam Gallagher. The British artist shared a selfie on Saturday in which he appears with his face covered in cream and a large bandage. He claims to have been injured after falling from a helicopter, without giving more details on this incident.

“So look at this, I fell from a helicopter yesterday [vendredi, NDLR] evening, who said that Rock and Roll is dead? ”, he wrote on Twitter, assuring that all was well, and before comparing himself ironically to Keith Moon, drummer of Who known for his many escapades.

Liam Gallagher was performing at a festival on the Isle of Wight in Newport, England on Friday night, the site recalls The Independent. “This will be the cover of my next album,” added the amused ex-Oasis frontman of his scratched portrait. He also suggested that a video of the incident be used for his next clip.

And when an Internet user suggested that the musician had simply fallen from the stairs leading to the device, the main concerned replied, amused, to have had a fall “of thirty kilometers”.

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