launch time, beta, compatible devices … We take stock

iOS 15: launch time, beta, compatible devices ... let's take stock

IOS 15. After several months in beta, the first stable version of iOS 15 finally arrives on our Apple devices. Discover the new features available as well as the devices that can take advantage of this new version of the famous operating system.

That’s it ! The launch of iOS 15 is scheduled for Monday, September 20 at around 7 p.m. This new version of the operating system made in Apple has several new features designed to make life easier for users. What are these new features? Is your device compatible? Discover all the information available in this article.

Improved FaceTime calls that are open to everyone

The first big news evoked by Apple for iOS 15 concerns the addition of the SharePlay feature for Facetime. This addition allows you to share several experiences such as listening to Apple Music, movies, series, and even its screen so that your entire audience can enjoy your activity. Several big names in the entertainment industry like Disney +, HBO Max, TikTok or Twitch have already planned to integrate the SharePlay functionality into FaceTime. Apple is also announcing that FaceTime calls can now be shared to Windows and Android devices, while maintaining end-to-end encrypted conversations.

Summary of new features in iOS 15 presented by Apple © Apple

iOS 15 wants to help you stay focused

The other great novelty of iOS 15 is called “Concentration”. This is a brand new feature that can filter your notifications if they are too intrusive on your device’s home screen. The goal is to be able to offer you the most important notifications according to the configuration of the functionality. You can choose to receive your urgent messages as a priority, leave social network notifications in the background during the day, or mute work-related notifications in your free time.

More personalization for Safari

With iOS 15, you will be able to choose whether you want to have your Safari tabs at the top or bottom of your screen. These can also take the color of the site you are visiting in order to add some colors during your navigation. The latter is also simplified with the possibility of grouping several of your tabs into one.

Revised and improved Photos app with Spotlight and Live Text

Along with a visual overhaul of the Photos app, iOS 15 will also update the Spotlight functionality. This handy tool can search for photos based on where they were taken or the objects that compose them. LiveText (or “Live Text”), is a new feature that allows your device to recognize text that is in a photo. For example, it can allow you to copy the Wi-Fi code displayed on a coffee table, or the cooking recipe written on a notebook.

Apple Plans now available in 3D

iOS 15 will thoroughly review the display of the Apple Maps mapping application. The maps available within the application are enriched with new details, but also with a 3D view to better represent your environment.

A very practical addition, especially in large cities where it can be difficult to find your way among the many roads. Available on the iPhone or via CarPlay, the Apple Maps application also adds several previously invisible elements on the application such as exit lanes, cycle paths or pedestrian crossings.

More keys and your identity card on the Wallet application

Apple Wallet, the application which notably allows you to store your various payment and loyalty cards, is also enriched with iOS 15. The latter supports digital car keys, allowing you to unlock your vehicle without even having to take out your iPhone. . The application also allows you to store other types of digital keys, whether they are office keys, a hotel room, or your home.

In the course of the year 2021, Apple Wallet will also support the identity card as well as the driver’s license. This addition will only affect certain American states participating in the operation at first. All identity documents will be kept encrypted and stored in the Wallet application.

The first public beta of iOS 15 was made available in July 2021, for a final stable release a few months later. Signing up for a test version of iOS15 was done in the same way as for previous beta software from Apple. All you had to do was register on the official Apple website, and you would receive a notification on the day of the release of a new trial version, if your device was compatible with it.

The release date for the first stable version of iOS 15 is September 20 at around 7:00 p.m. This update will certainly be offered little by little on the various compatible devices. If you don’t see it available on yours, don’t hesitate to restart your device or wait a bit while waiting for iOS 15 to be offered to you naturally!

This is one of the surprises of the WWDC conference held on June 7: iOS 15 will be fully compatible with all iPhones that may already have iOS 14. This therefore concerns:

  • iPhone 13 (coming soon)
  • iPhone 12 (and Mini, Pro and Pro Max)
  • iPhone 11 (and Pro and Pro Max)
  • iPhone X (and XR, XS and XS Max)
  • iPhone 8 (and 8 Plus)
  • iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus)
  • iPhone 6S (and 6S Plus)
  • iPhone SE (1st and 2nd generation)
  • iPod Touch (7th generation)

If one of these products interests you, know that they are still available at many specialized resellers and sometimes with nice promotions that will allow you to benefit from iOS 15 at a low price. You can find a sample of these just here:

A rather impressive list then, since some of the devices mentioned (such as the iPhone 6S, released in 2015) are over 6 years old. Apple is thus establishing itself as one of the leaders in terms of software obsolescence, by continuing to distribute regular updates on several of its products.

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