Jean-Claude (Love is in the meadow) falls for the friend … of one of his suitors!

Impossible to forget Jean Claude, farmer of Love is in the pre 2020. The cereal farmer in sustainable agriculture and agribusiness salesman who was 63 years old at the time of filming was noted for his hyperactive side and … for the sequence where he had a naked fall before entering a jacuzzi. Discreet since the end of his adventure, he confided in our colleagues about his romantic situation. Leisure TV.

It is single that Jean-Claude had finished the experiment. After having spurned Danelly, he was left alone with Yolanda. But he saw in her only a friend. They still kept in touch once the adventure was over. And it could be that thanks to his former contender, the farmer finds love. For several months, he has been talking with a woman and he can thank Yolanda for that. “We know each other because Yolanda gave her my number and since then, we exchange by text, we call each other but we never saw each other. It should have been in April, but she lost her brother-in-law and me, my mom and my best friend. So we went through our grief and then spoke again. When we exchange, there is something very strong. Honestly, it’s off to a good start with this woman and I am hopeful for this relationship. I’m going to go to her house, and we’ll see“, he explained to France Blue Touraine.

Unfortunately, he shouldn’t be able to confide in Yolanda on the matter. If Jean-Claude and she remained in contact after the assessment, they are today at odds because the brunette has misinterpreted a decision of the farmer. “She thought I wanted to keep her away from me when I suggested to the other farmers in the season that we meet for a big family reunion just between us. That’s a shame“, revealed the Tourangeau.

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