“It’s not love at first sight”

On August 12, it was on his Instagram account that Alix had chosen to formalize his relationship with Mathieu. As a reminder, the two adventurers met during the filming of Koh-Lanta: The 4 Lands, in 2020. If the young woman with a fiery character is back in the All Star season of the famous TF1 game, her dear and tender , him, connects the physical challenges far from the cameras. But back to formalization. In the idyllic setting of Tahiti, the lovers had posed one near the other in order to shout to the world (or rather to Instagram) their happiness. And since then, Alix and Mathieu seem inseparable. But everything was not always so obvious …

While she takes up arms in Koh-Lanta, the legend within the Red team, Alix returned to her career during her previous season in the columns of Télé 7 Jours. “Koh-Lanta gave me self-confidence. I discovered that I was a fighter. Better still, a warrior!” she believes today. An experience which also allowed him to meet the great love. Well, not right away. “With Mathieu, it is not love at first sight, confessed the young woman. We got closer to each other much later.” Alix also explained that she had been in a relationship with Mathieu for a year. A year in which they did not have time to be bored: “We travel and participate in great adventures.”

It must be said that in addition to showing impressive capacities (…)

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