India is looking towards French nuclear submarines

ANALYSIS – For several years, the Indian government has been working on modernizing its fleet.

The Australian-American slap to France in the submarine contract has not gone unnoticed in India. An idea is gaining ground among analysts in the capital: New Delhi must seize the opportunity to push France to transfer its technology in the field of submersibles, in particular in nuclear propulsion. “After the setback it has just suffered, France will perhaps be much more open on this issue. The Aukus agreement showed that the countries of the Indo-Pacific zone which wish to contain the Chinese presence must set up cooperation in high technologies“, Points out Harsh Pant, analyst at the Observer Research Foundation, a research center in New Delhi known for its proximity to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Indian government has been working on modernizing its fleet for several years. “Officially, the Navy claims fifteen submersibles, but some are old. Only eight or nine are operational“, valued

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