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Ah the Covid scammer

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According to information from “Liberation”, a certain Marcos Matute, a former trader converted into drugs, would market an alleged treatment against the coronavirus in Africa. The Citroplex is however only a copy and paste of a product that he created in the 2000s, banned in France in 2010 and in Switzerland in 2016.

The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others. And even in times of a pandemic, some people have hot brains and euros in their eyes. While hearing from the scientific community, no preventive or curative treatment yet exists against Covid-19, a businessman with an astonishing profile would see himself getting his hands on the cake: he has been organizing marketing for several months. of a “medicine” against the coronavirus. The whole planet was looking for him, it was enough to phone Marcos Matute. Former financial trader, ex-employee of a Swiss bank with a dubious reputation, Intermaritime Bank, this Swiss reconverted in the pharmacy and now installed in Morocco after having lived a long time in Paris is convinced of it: he holds the miracle cure against the Covid. This molecule capable of saving the planet is called Citroplex, and would act on the body thanks to interferon proteins – by activating the immune system against viral infections. On paper, why not. In fact, it seems that we are still far from it.

No more joking: his “treatment” is nothing other than a copy and paste of a “drug” that he had launched in the 2000s, Immunoplex, already low-dose interferon, whose course in pharmacy had fizzled out. According to him, it was supposed to cure both herpes and hepatitis C, measles and conjunctivitis at the time. But Marcos Matute, then installed in Paris, had received in March 2010 a fire …

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