In Afghanistan, armed Taliban photographed on pedal boats

AFGHANISTAN – They built bumper cars, took over a sports hall … now the Taliban are also pedalos. This weekend, several pictures showing the new masters of Kabul, having fun on board boats on Lake Band-e Amirde in the province of Bamyan were relayed on social networks, in particular by the journalist Jake Hanrahan .

Professional photographer and recognized for his work in the Middle East, Afshin Ismaeli, also shared images on Twitter and Instagram.

On their multicolored pedal boats in the shape of swans, the Taliban, weapons in hand, are smiling on the water. One of them also appears to be wielding a rocket. The place was previously frequented by tourists and families.

These unusual images contrast with the situation of the population, victim of the severity of the regime and of the repression which target minorities and women in particular. At the end of last week, the Taliban reinstalled the ministry for the prevention of vice to the detriment of that of women.

On Sunday, the new mayor of Kabul announced that in the municipality, women’s jobs would now be filled by men.

On Saturday, the government reopened middle and high schools for boys, but not those for girls. Primary schools have reopened for both sexes.

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