Ikea wants to turn your office into a real wireless charger

The Swedish furniture giant has just launched a wireless charger to be placed under a desk, allowing compatible devices to be charged without having to place a charging pad on the surface.

Ikea wants to turn your office into a real wireless charger

Ikea has a habit of offering functional furniture at affordable prices. The Swedish manufacturer has also been able to adapt its offer to new technologies, in particular by offering products incorporating wireless chargers, such as Nymåne lamps, for example, but also wireless charging bases.

Unfortunately, the above products require you to add something to the surface of your desk, which can sometimes be annoying, especially if it is not very large. Likewise, integrating such a charger on an existing desk is very restrictive, in particular because it would be necessary to drill the desk to the right dimensions.

An invisible wireless charger

Ikea now has a solution to these points, thanks to a module to be fixed under the desk, which does not take up space on the surface and is therefore invisible. The Sjömärke can be fixed either with adhesive strips or by using standard screws of 18 x 6 mm. It is compatible with wooden or plastic surfaces with a thickness between 8 and 22.2 mm and is supplied with a self-adhesive cross to be placed above the desk, thus allowing rapid identification of the area dedicated to recharging without -wire.

The main advantage of the Sjömärke is the space saving it offers, thus preserving the aesthetics of your office (or any other piece of furniture), while saving space. Indeed, if you do not want to charge your mobile device, you can always place other things on this space, such as documents, keys, etc.

A minimal price

From a technical point of view, the Sjömärke is compatible with the Qi 1.2.4 standard and should offer wireless charging at 5W, which is not the fastest on the market, but should be sufficient to recharge your batteries for a period of time. working day. The charger also includes a thermal sensor to prevent it from overheating, which can be useful with wooden surfaces.

If the product catches your eye, you can already buy it from IKEA for the modest sum of 29.99 euros.

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