Ikea unveils Sjömärke, its invisible wireless charger (Qi)

Ikea is never short of ideas when it comes to providing practical accessories for the home. The Swedish giant is launching a wireless charger for connected devices, the Sjömärke, designed to hide under tables and desks.

Wireless chargers aren’t quite discreet devices. They are presented as a stand or a paving stone on which we must place our smartphones and watches. Ikea, which already offers classic wireless chargers, but also integrated into furniture (for example, the base of a lamp) is now shifting into high gear.

The Swede unveils a product called Sjömärke, which is therefore presented as a charger compatible with the Qi wireless standard and intended to be hidden under a piece of furniture. The device is designed to be screwed under any surface, as long as it is not made of metal and its thickness is between 8 and 22 mm. So no need to hope to install it under your kitchen worktop, but it can find its place under a desk or a bedside table, for example. On the other hand, Ikea does not specify the power to be expected from this device which meets the latest version of the Qi standard (1.2.4BPP) – we can hope that it is around 5 W. Its large surface (17 x 20 cm) should limit the risks of placing your device next to the charging area.

Ikea remains faithful to its commercial habits and labels its Sjömärke at a very low price: count 30 € for this device aimed more at ergonomics than pure power. Remember, however, that some manufacturers specializing in mobile offer fast wireless chargers, but a little less discreet in an interior, for example the Warp Charge 50 from OnePlus which allows you to benefit from a 50 W fast charge.

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