“I have trouble eating and getting out of my house”

It did not take long for Clara Luciani to be worshiped by the French. In the podcast Lightning, the singer confides without filter on the painful trials which allowed her to have such sincere lyrics.

Clara Luciani became known to the general public in 2018 thanks to the release of his second album Saint-Victoire. In the process, she was awarded a prize in the Stage Revelation category at the Victoires de la Musique in 2019. In 2021, the jury of The Artist returns with a new opus, Heart, which ranks quickly at the top of album sales. Invited to talk about her career in the podcast Lightning from RTL 2, she explains how her romantic depression helped her compose her best songs.

I am really depressed

In 2017, before the consecration thanks to The grenade, Clara Luciani released an EP with four tracks. Recently single, his sadness enabled him to write some very beautiful songs: “I compose my first songs after a huge heartache“, she says in the podcast. Refugee with her parents to console herself, the young woman lost her joy of living:”I have completely become a little girl again. I have trouble eating. I have a hard time getting out of my house, actually. I am really in a depression, we must say what is“, she remembers. After a while, she settles down”a small room in the garage“to get deeply into the music:”This is a room that I will not leave for ten days, except for the bare necessities“. Immersed in her element, this is how her first compositions were born:”I’m writing what will be the first EP and in particular two songs that come to me on D-Day, the day after the breakup, namely, Cry Clara, cry and Love monster.

Discreet about his private life

Her romantic setbacks have greatly helped her to compose very good songs. But for all that, the artist is not necessarily ready to talk about his private life to everyone. In recent weeks, rumors say she is in a relationship with Alex Kapranos, a Scottish singer. So when she is invited to the set of We are live to promote his album, Laurent Ruquier tries to have the end of this story, but Clara Luciani remains very vague: You won’t have a testimonial from me, I prefer to talk about my record “, she replied before continuing: “I am, like everyone else I believe, in love with many singers. On the other hand, you can fall in love or in love with this record because it will only do you good.“. That is said.

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