his family “shocked” by the release of the book by his ex-partner Carlos Sotto Mayor

The release, this week, of the book “Jean Paul. My man from Rio”, by Carlos Sotto Mayor, ex-companion of Jean-Paul Belmondo, is far from unanimous in the clan of the Magnificent.

On September 6, French cinema lost one of its last sacred monsters: Jean-Paul Belmondo. The death of the comedian at the age of 88 aroused a strong emotion, and not only among his fans or peers of the seventh art. A national tribute, at the initiative of the Elysée, was paid to him at the Invalides, on the eve of his funeral, more intimate these, in the church of Saint-Germain des Prés in Paris, on Friday, September 10. Which were marked by an absence, that of Carlos sotto mayor, Bébel’s ex-companion in the 1980s. On September 22, the singer published a work called “Jean Paul. My man from Rio” for Flammarion editions, in which she looked back on the seven years of their relationship. This book, in which she evokes in particular the jealous temperament of the star, as she relates in the columns of the Sunday newspaper, is far from pleasing the family of the deceased. “The whole Belmondo family is shocked by the attitude of Madame Sotto Mayor“, confided the lawyer and close friend of the missing star, Maître Michel Godest, to our colleagues of Parisian. “She is shocked by the publication of this book just days after the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo. It is indecent. None of his companions has ever given up to the public their intimate life with him.

“She wanted to keep it to himself …”

Beyond the very publication of the book, the actor’s family is “also shocked by the attitude that Carlos Sotto Mayor has had in recent years“explains the lawyer to the newspaper. According to him, the one who was the companion of Jean-Paul Belmondo in the 80s, would have been again “imposed” in the life of the actor a little over a year before his death: “She wanted to keep it to himself, keep him away from his relatives, his family… She had him take lots of photos and videos during the summer of 2020 “. Me Michel Godest is categorical: “Carlos Sotto Mayor exhausted him and took advantage of him to make his media comeback (…) Why, if she was madly in love, did she suddenly disappear without giving any news after last spring? “

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