Hervé de L’amour’s mother is in the meadow regrets being so present on the screen

This Monday, September 20, Hervé, candidate for the 16th season of Love is in the meadow gave an interview to Parisian. In it, his mother, Bernadette, who appears regularly in the program, testifies.

If the season is only just beginning, there is no doubt that Bernadette will be one of the central characters of the 16th season of Love is in the meadow. Indeed, the mother of Hervé le Picard appears regularly in the image alongside her son and never fails to make his little comments. Hervé is the last of three children. At 43, the farmer still hasn’t left the nest and hasn’t known love. That could well change with her participation in the most romantic show of M6, for which Karine La Marchand announces a record number of couples in love this year! In an interview with Parisian this Monday, September 20, Hervé’s mother returns to her new celebrity due to the small screen.

“I’m not the star”

Since the first episodes, viewers have been able to discover Bernadette, Hervé’s mother. Very attached to her youngest, this retiree can not help spying on him and watching him closely. Simon, her husband, admits it without batting an eyelid: “As soon as Hervé leaves for more than five minutes, she asks where he is“, he assures. This relationship is widely shown in the program. However, the mother regrets being too present on the screen:”I’m not the star, people see me too much. Frankly, I also play a little character in front of the cameras, I do a bit of cinema so that everyone can laugh on TV“, she promises.

“It was stressful”

Two weeks ago, viewers were able to find this shocking pair in Love is in the meadow. And for this Picard who lives in a small village of 65 inhabitants in the Somme, the tension was at its height since he was welcoming two women to his home. A situation he has never experienced before. However, the most anxious was not Hervé, but his mother. The arrival of the suitors, Vanessa and Stéphanie, suddenly gave him some cold sweats. For good reason: if her son had warned her of the date of arrival of the two young women, he had said nothing more to her! A choice that slightly annoyed the curious Bernadette. “I would have liked to know more because it was stressful!“says the mother of the farmer on a daily basis 20 minutes. Viewers will be able to follow the rest of their adventures in the new episodes broadcast tonight on M6!

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