He receives his salary in 5-cent coins in a bucket weighing 30 kg

This Irishman who worked in a restaurant in Dublin had a real surprise when he received his pay in a rather … unusual way.

An employee of Alfie’s restaurant in Dublin who had been claiming his due for weeks finally received the balance of any account from his boss.

The story could have ended there if it did not relate to the way – let’s say unusual – that his employer had to settle it.

The young man, Rian Keogh has as well shared this anecdote on social networks.

In bickering with his employer for a history of notice

Indeed, the 20-year-old Irishman had not given his notice to quit his job on time and he was therefore at odds with his former boss, as reported by IrishCentral and Capital.

“I’ll have every penny ready for you”

Perhaps he should have been wary when his employer finally asked him to come and collect his salary – amounting to the sum of 355 euros – on the spot … and telling him: “As I said, I will have every penny ready for you”, as the Mirror reports.

And he should have taken the message literally because when he arrived at the restaurant on Tuesday, September 14, he was handed a mayonnaise bucket full of 5 cent coins.

7,100 pieces

A heavy bucket almost 30 kg. And for good reason, it contained 7,100 copper coins.

The young Irishman cracked a Twitter post back: “If anyone wants to know what it was like working at Alfie on South William Street, know that after chasing my last paycheck for weeks, I finally got it, but in a bucket of 5-cent coins “

And to prove his point, he even posted a picture of the bucket on the scales, which weighs a lot of anear the cliché 29.8 kg.

A situation that is not common and for good reason it is not legal. The young employee could have refused to have his pay paid to him in this way.

According to the Law on Economic and Monetary Union of 1998, workers are not not required to accept more than 50 coins in a single transaction.

But that, he was not aware …

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