“Game over, I have Jean Castex’s vaccination QR code!”, Boasts a surfer. How did he do it?

A photo, released by a press agency, allowed Internet users to scan the Prime Minister’s QR code. In a legal manner.

Two Internet users claimed a few days ago to have succeeded in obtain information concerning the health pass of Jean Castex, the Prime Minister.

“Game over, I have the Prime Minister’s vaccination QR code, said on Twitter Mathis Hammel, research and development director of Sogeti, a cybersecurity consulting company. I got it legally and I won’t do anything with it, call me if you want a helping hand with cybersecurity. “

A photo in Clamart

How is it possible to obtain your information legally? Liberation provides an answer with the tweet of developer David Libeau who explained, on September 16, thata photo, where the 2D-DOC code (which can be converted into a QR code with the TousAntiCovid application) of the head of government was freely available online.

This photo was taken on September 13 by a professional photographer during a trip to Clamart by the Prime Minister. In the photo, we can see in close-up the QR code of Jean Castex which could be scanned by Internet users.

Nearly 48 hours available on the Internet

This image was published on the site of a famous French photo agency and several online media have also used it to illustrate articles. It would have remained available for nearly 48 hours on the Internet before being withdrawn by the press agency.

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