Gaëtan Roussel’s surprise announcement that will please fans

In Le Parisien, Monday, September 20, 2021, Gaëtan Roussel announced the great return of Louise Attaque. Five years after their last album, Anomalie, in 2016, the band will be back for a very special occasion.

An answer that must have delighted thousands of fans. While the newspaper Le Parisien, on newsstands this Monday, September 20, 2021, asked Gaëtan Roussel whether the group Louise Attaque was going to reform one day, the response of the singer, also author and composer, is most positive. “Louise Attaque represents a base for me, a backbone to which I refer often and not a day goes by without my thinking of the group”, explained the interpreter of the tube Help myself (we are only passing through ), while adding what this experience brought him: “This adventure has changed me for life and even today it nourishes me, inspires me, nourishes me.”

“Our eponymous debut album will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year, in 2022”

Also, no question of leaving everything behind, as if it was now only part of the past. But, if the group were to reform, no question of doing things only halfway. “We didn’t want to see things half-hearted.” The one who contributed to the album Bleu petroleum (2008) by Alain Bashung (singer who died in 2009), wanted, with Arnaud Samuel and Robin Feix, the two other members of Louise Attaque, to come back for a special occasion.

And what could be more memorable than a birthday? “Our eponymous debut album will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year, in 2022,” said the 48-year-old singer, sometimes invited to Taratata. Without abandoning the tour of his own album Est-ce que tu sais ?, he thus makes an appointment with his audience. “Our album is (…)

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