Fortnite: “pay to lose” skins, a specialty of Epic Games?

It seems that Epic Games loves to differentiate itself from other publishers. While most online games have to defend themselves against accusations of skin “pay to win“(that is to say which increase the chances of victories for their owners), Fortnite does the opposite, and manages to sell skins that it is difficult to see how they could promote your Victory Royale.

By cultivating a little more each year his side cartoon and fun, Fortnite indeed produces skins in bright colors, or with templates and accessories that come out of the hitbox traditional characters. the snagis that Fortnite remains a “Third person shooter” sometimes competitive, and that Dressing certain skins is like carrying a giant target on which it could read “SHOOT ME ABOVE”.

The myth of the hitbox change

Let’s start by defusing a little urban legend: no, your hitboxes don’t change depending on the skins you choose. Wearing the Brutus skin doesn’t make you easier to hit than it does with the Dark Ruby skin. Epic Games has long clarified things on this subject, and several Internet users have verified: the Fortnite avatar hitbox is strictly the same for everyone.

This is even why some players, who wear “thin” skins feel cheated because the hitbox of their character can in certain situations be more extensive than the very narrow visual of the skin.

XS or XXL: the effective hitbox remains the same.  - Fortnite: Battle royale
XS or XXL: the effective hitbox remains the same.

Nothing wrong with Epic Games on that side then? Not quite, because a large skin is still easier to spot. This dear Brutus, with his colossal build, sometimes has trouble hiding behind a tree or any other element of scenery.

The big strong, proscribed in competitive?

There, however, it is not a legend. Pro players blithely shy away from oversized skins in high-stakes matches. Competitive trios most of the time prefer to wear the same skin, often feminine because its silhouette is slimmer, and will protrude less than hiding places. You will never see in the final of FNCS a trio of colossal skins.

Similarly, the pros prefer discreet back accessories (when they risk having them). No more floating and colorful capes, or XXL bags. The silhouette must remain uncluttered.

Fashion or victorious, you have to choose

Some competitors even avoid wearing skins with too garish colors, or with animated patterns. Colors that are too bright are eye-catching, and can make you an easy target on a green, orange, or brown background, as it will in 99% of Fortnite situations.

The skin
The black “Unlimited” skin released in 2020: an OP camouflage more than a cosmetic outfit.

Strategically speaking, it is better to wear a solid color skin, which does not swear too much with the colors of the game. To demonstrate this tactical criterion, we can even unearth the controversy of superhero skins, in September 2020. Many players then get annoyed that the matte black variant of the “No Limit” hero skin is invisible in the shadows. It is one of the biggest skin deals pay to win that has never affected Fortnite, and a great demonstration of the impact of skin color on competitive efficiency.

Entirely black, would the “No Limit” superhero outfit pay to win? Many players have stepped up to the plate against this skin, which would confer a certain advantage in competition, in fights that take place in the shadows.

Ultimately, skins can have an influence on your chances of winning, but keep in mind that this is an infinitesimal factor in the flow of a classic game. Your skill has an infinitely greater impact than your outfit in a duel or skirmish. Of course, the pros will pay attention to these kinds of details, because they must maximize their chances of winning by using all available means. But even they like to dress in non-optimal skins in phases open tournaments.

The important thing is to wear the skins that you like. : no need to deprive yourself, unless you are a fierce competitor who swears by the holy law of tryhard.


Pro Fortnite players change their lines several times a year, and rarely calmly. Recently, it was superstar Mongraal who has been openly criticized by his former teammate, Aqua. The dispute very quickly became public.

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