For Peter Bosz, OL “do not deserve to lose” against PSG

“Is this a cruel defeat for Olympique Lyonnais?
Yes, because we don’t deserve to lose today (Sunday), quite honestly. We saw a real match where we weren’t afraid to play, to push high. We did it very well, except at the end before their goal. When you can’t win, you have to know not to lose either. But otherwise, I’m very proud of my team, we played well, with and without the ball, and well defended. Unfortunately not until the end.

Was there no penalty on Neymar?
No, it is a fault of Neymar, who put a hand on the back of Malo (Gusto). At 100%, it’s not a penalty. Maybe the ref can’t see this live, but how the VAR can’t see this?

“Lucas Paqueta played an extraordinary game …”

Is it OL’s best performance this season?
The result was bad, but I saw a lot of good things today. We shouldn’t lose normally. I almost saw our benchmark match. Of course PSG have had chances, but that’s because they have extraordinary qualities. We pressed very hard in their camp. We are making progress with each game, even this Sunday evening despite the defeat.

Some struggled to finish …
Substitutes returned not by choice but because players were injured. It’s very difficult. We got back from Glasgow on Friday. We only had two days between matches. And it will be the same before Troyes on Wednesday. It is not possible that, it takes at least three days. I am afraid for the injuries of my players.

What did you think of Paqueta’s performance?
Lucas Paqueta played an amazing game. Not just with the ball, but also without the ball. He worked a lot, everywhere on the pitch, he scored … He is excellent.

What about Boateng?
Jérôme is of course not yet at his top level. I have known this player for a long time. I’m still very happy with what I saw today (Sunday), against very fast attackers. With Jason (Denayer), they were awesome. “

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