Foot OM – OM: The Champions League, Tapie’s last gift to René Malleville

The family of Bernard Tapie will offer a replica of the Champions League to the relatives of the legendary supporter of OM, René Malleville, who died on Sunday, to be buried with. A magnificent gesture.

The terrible news fell early Sunday afternoon, a few hours before Marseille met at the Vélodrome for the match against Rennes (2-0). Like a symbol. The emblematic supporter of OM, René Malleville, revealed to the general public for his famous minute of debriefing after the matches of his club always, on the local media, Le Phocéen, is gone. He died at the age of 73 from cancer, the unfortunate existence of which he revealed in early August. The supporters were able to salute his memory during a minute of applause before the kick-off against Rennes. The family of the greatest president in the history of OM, Bernard Tapie, close to René Malleville, also planned a superb gesture.

René Malleville buried with the Champions League

RMC Sport reveals that René Malleville will be buried with a replica of the Champions League, won by OM in 1993. It will be offered by the Tapies. Stéphane, Bernard’s son, was able to discuss one last time with the legendary Olympian supporter, the day before his death, on Saturday. ” I’m exhausted. I’m going up there to prepare paradise in blue and white for the boss, but as late as possible “, confided René Malleville. The boss is the nickname given by OM supporters to Bernard Tapie. In 2017, Stéphane Tapie asked René Malleville to publicly announce that the former president of OM was suffering from cancer, against which he is still fighting. The media also recalls that Bernard Tapie offered his 1993 European coronation medal to Depé, the legendary supporter who gave his name to the north bend of the Vélodrome. Bernard Tapie and OM fans have mutual respect. This is also why he is so loved. What a tribute for René Malleville.

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