Firefighters called on multiple times last night

On the night of Sunday September 19 to Monday September 20, 2021, firefighters intervened in the outskirts of Fort-de-France for two accidents and for the care of a man with several bullets

Firefighters and law enforcement were called multiple times last night

Wounded by bullets

The helpers intervened in the residence “Les Hauts du Port” in Fort-de-France. A young man seriously injured by gunfire, around 8:15 pm The victim, aged 23, received several bullets in the shoulder and hip.The man was taken care of and admitted to the Fort-de-France hospital center.

According to witnesses, two young people from the city who were near a transformer saw a car arrive. A man came down and started to fire.

A police investigation was opened.

Road exit in Balata

Specialized intervention for the Balata road firefighters around 10 p.m. Two other young people were injured this time in a traffic accident. Five hundred meters before the church, a vehicle fell fifteen meters below the road.


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The two occupants of the vehicle, aged 19 and 20, were extricated by the emergency services. They were brought to the hospital by medical transport, with multiple fractures to the pelvis and legs.

Fall of a biker

At around 11 p.m., a 28-year-old helmeted biker was picked up by firefighters following a fall.

The accident occurred on the RN5, not far from Aimé Césaire airport, in circumstances, so far, unknown. The young man, injured, was transported to the Fort-de-France hospital center.

Ceron Discharge

The mobilization of the department’s firefighters is also continuing for the Céron landfill in Sainte-Luce. For two weeks the landfill has been on fire. The firefighters take turns daily. The smoke greatly annoys the residents as well as the nauseating odor.

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