FIFA agrees with Angers and Paris FC in the transfer case of Kevin Bemanga

Angers (Ligue 1) and Paris FC (Ligue 2) can breathe. This Monday afternoon, the FIFA Appeals Committee said in a statement that “ made right To the appeals filed by these two clubs. At first instance, last April, the SCO and the PFC were indeed sentenced to ” a fine of 30,000 Swiss francs (27,300 euros) and (to) a ban on transfer, both nationally and internationally, for a registration period for breaches of the provisions relating to relay transfers in Article 5bis of the regulations on the status and transfer of players ”.

Kevin Bemanga at the heart of the matter

Paris and Angers were then accused of having carried out a “Relay transfer” from winger Kevin Bemanga (who plays today at the SCO reserve) ” in order to circumvent the rules relating to training compensation », According to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee. The two clubs therefore appealed against these sanctions.

And, in the press release published on Monday, we learn that they were cleared without ambiguity by the Appeals Commission of the instance, which indicates that “The evidence presented by the two clubs was sufficient to invalidate the presumption of relay transfer. The committee considered itself to be reasonably convinced of the unwillingness of the clubs to circumvent the provisions of the Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players relating to training compensation during the transfer chain referred to ”.

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