EXCLUDED More beautiful life: Jacob kidnaps Baptiste, Kévin sleeps with Camille (PBLV info)


EXCLUDED More beautiful life in advance: intrigues and spoilers in advance PBLV until October 7 Addicted to the Marseille series “Plus belle la vie” and can’t wait to know what awaits you? So now is the time! Indeed, Stars Actu reveals to you what will happen, in preview and in exclusivity.

And in three weeks, we can tell you that Baptise will disappear!

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EXCLUDED More beautiful life: Jacob kidnaps Baptiste, Kévin sleeps with Camille (PBLV info)
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Indeed, Baptiste has disappeared, Emma and Barbara are mad with anxiety… And for good reason, Jacob has kidnapped Baptiste on the orders of Caesar! Jacob locks Baptiste in a cellar according to his modus operandi by mounting a wall. And Caesar takes the opportunity to offer Emma to leave everything with him to go to Australia …


Camille, marked by the blows of Jacob, comes to find refuge with Kevin. She confirms to Kevin that Jacob has already killed a person, buried him in a quarry and plans to kill again. Kevin is forced to take a step in intimacy with Camille and the two young people fall asleep naked against each other. The next day the police went to the quarry in question and found a body, for the moment unidentifiable.

Jacob has fulfilled his part of the deal and asks Caesar to erase the evidence with which he was blackmailing him. Caesar claims he’s going to do it. He tries to go to Australia with Emma again and tries to kiss her as well. She pushes him away, she is too worried about Baptiste and refuses to follow Caesar abroad.

Camille and Kévin end up sleeping together. Camille lives a moment of pure happiness and agrees to meet with Jacob to trap him. Kevin reassures her, there will be police hiding everywhere to protect her. But for his part, Kevin feels very bad because he has lost Emilie and will lose Camille when she finds out that he has manipulated her…

Convinced of having witnessed a murder, Sacha and Luna investigate. They convince Ariane to investigate the disappearance of Malet’s wife. Ariane learns from a neighbor that Ms. Malet has not been seen lately …

Every day, from Monday to Friday, an indiscretion, a scoop and a video await you on Stars-Actu.Fr.

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