do you know how much it costs not to make your equipment Freebox?

Free: do you know how much it costs not to return your Freebox equipment?

Free invoices equipment not returned by subscribers or damaged. Let us recall the different costs for a server, a repeater, a player or a remote control.

If the Free Devialet player offered at 480 euros with the Freebox Delta does indeed become the property of the subscriber, in the same way as the Apple TV 4K box offered at a preferential rate, most of the equipment remains the property of Free. And yet, we find them regularly and in number on the main second-hand channels (classified ad sites and garage sales in particular). The Freebox Pop is no exception. A little reminder about the costs in the event of non-return is never too much.

According to the price brochure made available to the operator, it is thus necessary to pay 400 euros for a Freebox Delta server, 250 euros for a Freebox Revolution server, 200 euros for a Freebox mini 4K server and 150 euros for a Freebox Pop server. The Freebox Revolution, Freebox mini 4K and Freebox Pop players will cost 250, 200 and 100 euros respectively. Costs may also apply for the degradation of the material with, for example, 50 euros for a defective Blu-ray player on a Freebox Revolution player or an appearance defect on the Freebox Revolution material. The flat-rate indemnities also concern other equipment, such as the Wi-Fi repeater (80 euros), the player’s remote control (10 euros to 50 euros), Freeplugs (40 to 50 euros), game controllers (10 euros), the fiber box (90 euros), the jumper + SPF fiber kit (30 euros) and the Femto box (100 euros).

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