discover his hair metamorphosis over the course of his career

Ingrid Chauvin: the actress is unanimous at the La Rochelle Fiction Festival

On September 19, the entire cast of his legendary TF1 series Tomorrow belongs to us was present at the La Rochelle Fiction Festival. Alongside Alexandre Brasseur, Charlotte Gaccio, Julie Debazac and Mayel Elhajaoui, actress Ingrid Chauvin made a strong impression with her all-denim look but also with her new haircut.

Throughout his career on the small screen, the star has multiplied the different haircuts. In its early days, Jade and Tom’s mother favored short cropped hair. Throughout his roles, fans have known him with very long, wavy, straight hair, but also colored.

In 2007, Ingrid Chauvin appeared in red on the red carpet of the NRJ Music Awards. With her curly hair and sexy outfit, she was a real eye-catcher. Brown, red or blonde, all the colors look great on her. For several years, and with his title role in the series Tomorrow belongs to us, the actress had remained blonde with long hair. Today, Ingrid Chauvin has opted for a brand new ultra trendy haircut: the blonde bob. A style that seems to have won the unanimity of his fans.

Planet invites you to discover in our slideshow above, his hair evolution over the course of his career.

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