Corinne Deacon (coach of the France team): “Do not underestimate the opponent”

“Are you going to return the victorious team to Greece (10-0) to refine the automatisms, or integrate new players into the rotation?
It’s an official match. With my staff, we are torn between making a few changes and keeping the same group. For the moment, we have not made the decision. We will see each other this (Monday) evening, we also wait for the last training session. We are not immune to a glitch, in the past it did not give us a chance to anticipate things. So here we are abstaining and we will talk about it this evening.

“We know that we are expected, we are the favorites of the group, we have a status to defend”

The game was more fluid early in the game against Greece. Can changes seize the momentum?
Yes it’s sure. We have the right to five changes, when the score is acquired we try to take advantage of it. We have a lot of players whose playing times were very disparate at the start of the season, especially through the first rounds of the Champions League. Some organisms have been preserved, in particular (Charlotte) Bilbault and (Sandie) Toletti. Others have played a lot. Now I see noon at my door, I have a match to win, even if we try to play the game against the clubs too, make sure that the players fit on their own two legs.

Given the state of the lawn, this is not guaranteed …
You have to adapt, that’s how it is. We know that the opposing teams will not put us in the best conditions, the field does not seem very wide either. It will promote a united defense, but it will be up to us to find the solutions. We know that we are expected, we are the favorites of the group, we have a status to defend. I hear everywhere that it’s easy to score ten goals, it’s not easy. Against Greece we made it easy, we did things very seriously. We will have to repeat the performance tomorrow (Tuesday).

Against Slovenia, will the strategy be to attack hard from the start?
Above all, we should not underestimate the opponent. Then, we will have to apply what we are working on, what we have been able to do against Greece, maybe even raise our level of requirements because this team is superior to Greece. (49th in the FIFA rankings against 64th for the Greeks). It will be a whole different game against another opponent who will want to play his luck and especially try to get this second place, without predicting anything. “

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