Claude reveals why he radically changed his mind about Teheiura after going on the adventure with him in 2012

In a live on Instagram this Monday, September 20, Claude, emblematic adventurer of Koh Lanta revealed why he changed his mind about Teheiura when he shared his adventure with in 2012.

Claude dartois became one of the emblematic candidates after four participations in Koh Lanta, but also the darling of viewers. Guest in 50mn Inside, a few days ago, he had mentioned “the most important thing “ for him: his paternity. People who follow him on Instagram know this very well: he is extremely proud of his two boys, Andrea, 6 years old, and Marceau, 2 years. He had also learned that his wife, Virginie, was pregnant with the youngest while he was in the middle of filming Koh-Lanta: The island of heroes. Satisfied by his two sons, he explained to Nikos Aliagas that they bring him “the daily joy of transmitting”.When you’re tired, when you’re fed up or whatever, you always have someone to do it for. There you do it now for your children“, entrusted the one we find in Koh-Lanta, the Legend.

Claude finds it difficult to bear the length of the days on Koh Lanta

And precisely, it is in this new adventure that Claude and Coumba agreed to eliminate Maxime. A sequence not seen on TV but that the adventurer revealed live on Instagram this weekend. “ClĂ©mence comes to see me, she says to me: ‘Coumba, I had a discussion with Maxime. He told me to be careful, that we absolutely had to separate you and Claude, because you are a pair ‘. And that hurt us. ” The adventurer with a strong character immediately reacted: I went to repeat it to Claude. Claude didn’t like it either. And we decided to eliminate him “, Coumba recounted. This Monday, September 20, it is Claude Dartois who offered himself a few minutes with his fans on the social network. After confiding that the most difficult thing for him in the survival game was the “long days“, the former master driver answered a question from an Internet user concerning the image he could have of certain adventurers he did not yet know, through television.

Claude had a mistaken image of Teheiura

And surprise, Claude changed his mind about Teheiura. “In 2012, when I returned there, (for Heroes’ Revenge, editor’s note) I had followed just before the 2011 season of Teheiura (Koh-Lanta: Raja Ampat, editor’s note), and on the screen, Teheiura, here it is … I liked it, but, Manavai, the blanket, (he had dropped his daughter’s blanket in the pole-proof sea, editor’s note), it had me a little … I said to myself, it’s a bit too much“recognized the one who subsequently radically changed his mind about his comrade.”And it’s true that when you get to know him, you see that the person is adorable. But sometimes, the digest of the image, this, that, makes that you can have a more or less erroneous image “, was he justified before concluding: “When the adventure is over, everyone will go back to being the lovely people they are“.

The sequence can be found 31min from the start of the video below.

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