Carlos Tavares, Stellantis boss, will soon be leaving Airbus

Carlos Tavares obviously likes to stack the caps on the head. The former boss of Renault, debauched by PSA at the end of 2013, had indeed added a strange string to his bow. After two years of career at the head of PSA, Carlos Tavares joined the board of directors … of Airbus in 2016. He then replaced the former boss of BNP Paribas. A very eclectic board with personalities from the world of finance, energy, telecom and chemistry.

However, the CEO of what is today Stellantis cannot be duplicated. It already seems complicated to manage a “monster” like Stellantis and its fourteen brands, but by adding the role to the board of Airbus, the cup was perhaps a little too full.

Stellantis has thus confirmed in a press release that Carlos Tavares will leave his post at Airbus at the end of his mandate, in 2022.

This personal decision will allow Carlos Tavares to devote all his professional time to leading Stellantis to success, with his management team, in this period of transformation and evolution of the automotive industry.“, specifies Stellantis which, it is recalled, prepares for its part” the Airbus of the battery “.

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