Camille Cottin launches her Hollywood career in Marseille with Matt Damon

Camille Cottin in a relationship with Matt Damon? In any case, this is what happens to him in Stillwater by Tom McCarthy, where she plays a single mother who helps this confused American to understand how his daughter could have been imprisoned for murder in Marseille and try to prove her innocence.

We saw the two actors together, climbing the steps of the Cannes Film Festival last July, proof that Camille Cottiin has come a long way since she created the sketches Bitchon Canal + in the early 2010s. Her character as a lesbian agent in the series Ten percent made it known to an international audience. “It was David Foenkinos, who was then casting agent, who recommended me to Tom McCarthy for Stillwater », She confides to 20 minutes. The co-director of Fantasies and of Jealous immediately thought of the forty-something actress to play this luminous woman who is raising her daughter alone.

A progressive relationship

“My character is a strong and courageous woman whose constant courtesy is a way of resisting a cruel world,” explains Camille Cottin. She has faith in the human species. This everyday heroine is attached to a gruff dad who does not accept that his daughter (Abigail Breslin on edge) can spend nine years behind bars for having murdered a college friend. “She feels him so lost in front of a city, a language and a civilization which are foreign to her that she takes him under her wing at the risk of leaving feathers there”, says the actress.

If his relationship with Matt Damon turns to romance in the film, it was not the same in real life where their relationship developed on the basis of mutual professional respect. “Matt is a very invested actor and I realized it from the week of rehearsals that we did in Marseille before the shooting,” she remembers. Very quickly, I forgot that I was facing Matt Damon to see only the man he embodies. Their tête-à-tête bring moments of tenderness in a harsh intrigue. The fact that they shot in the chronological order of the story helped them get to know each other along with their characters.

With Stillwater, Camille Cottin’s Hollywood career is launched. And that’s just the start: we’ll see her soon in
House of Gucci by Ridley Scott between Lady Gaga and Adam Driver.

“Stillwater”, an easy movie for Matt Damon

In July at the Cannes Film Festival, Matt Damon told 20 minutes that he “didn’t need to look far for his emotions” to play this love story between a man and a woman, but also between a father and his daughter, “because I am the father of three daughters” . It is also with them that he shared confinement in Ireland while he was filming The Last Duel by Ridley Scott. “They came to see me and stayed with me for three months before shooting could resume. We lived the confinement in our little bubble ”, he confided to us, well aware of the luck he had to live this ordeal in“ nice conditions ”.

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