Cadillac’s first electric SUV is a success

Cadillac recently opened the order book for the new Lyriq SUV. But in less than 20 minutes it was full.

The first electric SUV of the American brand, the Cadillac Lyriq has something to make you euphoric. And for good reason: Cadillac closed its reservation book for the Lyriq Debut Edition (available from $ 58,795) after only 19 minutes of opening.

A very limited production

Cadillac does not officially specify the number of copies planned with this limited launch edition. The indiscretions of some dealers, however, suggest that the expected volume would ultimately only be 1,500 copies, which can be reserved against a deposit of $ 100 refundable. If this figure is confirmed, this commercial performance seems rather timid compared to other records in the category of electric vehicles. But it proves once again that the demand for electrics is not that weak in the United States, whatever the rather reluctant Cadillac dealers say.

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