Bruno responds to criticism of his reign in the 12 strokes of noon

This Monday, September 20, Bruno granted an interview to Télé Star. In it, the greatest champion of the 12 Coups de midi responded to the skeptics on his incredible performances.

Bruno is at the height of his glory. Greatest champion in the history of 12 midday shots after exploding the record for the number of solo victories, a few days ago he landed his ninth Mysterious Star. But for the player, this adventure is really just one “parenthesis” : “I know that the adventure will end one day. TV game champion, it’s not a job. Since my first participation, I consider it a bonus“, he confided to Star TV. But his clear course does not appeal to everyone. Some even wonder if the show does not favor the record holder. This Monday, September 20, the dreaded Noon Master responded to accusations of cheating made by some.

“There is no cheating”

Would Bruno be too strong to make some doubt? This is indeed the case and forces the young man to explain himself: “There is no cheating. I don’t have a headset and I don’t have the questions in advance“, he asserted. However, he acknowledges that “in all broadcasts of this type, there is a mechanic that favors the champion“:”In the 12 Coups de midi, for example, the Masters have questions of general knowledge during the first round, while the challengers have questions on polls. In Remember the Lyrics, the Maestro plays first. In Everyone wants to take their place, the champion chooses the theme of his opponent in the final“, he explains.

“I would find it a bit of a shame to lose before the million”

The man of all records has only one challenge left: to make his jackpot reach one million euros, an amount not won in a game show since 2004 in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?. And the goal is no longer very far since Bruno’s prize pool now totals 990,357 euros. The bachelor in a dream: “At first, that was not an objective. But it’s true that now I see this million approaching and I would find it a bit of a shame to lose before reaching it … I have it in the back of my head“, he confided to our colleagues.

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