Bruno (Les 12 coups de Midi) favored? Internet users are convinced

Les 12 coups de Midi, TF1’s flagship mid-day program, is a resounding success. The master of Midi, Bruno, is one of the most awarded contestants in the history of game shows. However, some Internet users seem to find that there is a certain favoritism which would facilitate the victory. What is it really ? The Objeko team is investigating and delivering its findings to you.

The 12 blows of Midi: an unmissable event

The 12 midday shots is a very successful show. The program has now been in existence for 11 years, taking over fromWatch your step. The two shows have in common the presenter, Jean-Luc Reichmann, as well as a large part of the concept.

Candidates have to answer a whole series of questions, until they face the winner of the previous edition. The master of Midi can thus keep his place for a long time, or lose his title from one day to the next.

Les 12 coups de Midi is the direct competitor of Everyone wants to take its place. The France 2 show has a very similar concept as well, allowing viewers’ gray cells to work during their lunch break. Nagui, the star presenter of Everyone wants to take its place, has now given way to Laurence Boccolini. As for Jean-Luc Reichmann, he has been in the same time slot for more than 20 years. The competition is therefore fierce, but it is basically more a question of habit than a question of qualitative difference between the games of TF1 and France 2.

Bruno: inveterate champion of the show

If you regularly follow the show Les 12 coups de Midi, you undoubtedly know Bruno. Not only is the candidate the most awarded in the program, but he is also the second most awarded in the history of French audiovisual! Only Marie, candidate of Who wants to win millions, overtook him by winning the famous million euros. Bruno meanwhile won 922,234 euros, overtaking Eric, the former master of the 12 blows of Midi by a few thousand euros. He also chained 219 shows, against 199 for Eric.

Bruno is undoubtedly the master of the TF1 show. “Fifou”, as he is known, is not only a brilliant candidate, but he is also a very likable character. His good humor and his humility are all his charm. Bruno has already said on several occasions that he wants to play to win and stay as long as possible. He also left his job to devote himself entirely to his participation in the show.

The 12 coups de Midi are even more important than his sentimental life. Bruno, an assumed homosexual, said he had no companion for the moment. He still wanted to specify his sexual orientation so that we stop asking him constantly.

Such a glorious journey has inevitably made people jealous. Some Internet users even think that the program presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann could play in favor of the Toulouse candidate …

The 12 blows of Midi: a rigged program?

Would the 12 blows of Midi favor Bruno? This is what many Internet users seem to think. It all starts when Bruno has not yet broken Eric’s record on the show. “Fifou” confronts a certain Laura. The candidate excels and even surpasses the master of Midi. Finally, the latter is deadlocked. Laura has a 4 second lead, for a final question. However, this one turns out to be very full-bodied: “What is the most prestigious wine from the commune of Vosne-Romanée? “. This extremely difficult question makes Laura lose the final, and gives Bruno another victory.

The viewers of the 12 coups de Midi instantly cry scandal! On twitter, anger roars: “Hard questions for the opponent when there are only a few seconds left, we are not fooled “,”It was obvious that with a time so close to Bruno the last 2 questions were not going to be easy for Laura, well done, Tf1 to keep Bruno!”.

Since this illustrious meeting, this kind of comment appears regularly, although Bruno has not since been so endangered. So, simple coincidence, or favoritism? Neither the 12 coups de Midi production team nor Bruno commented on this. So all that remains is conjuncture. We will have to wait to see how the next shows will go for the flagship candidate of the program. The Objeko team is keeping an eye out!

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