Bottle discovered 37 years after being thrown into the sea by Japanese high school students

A 9-year-old girl discovered last June on a Hawaiian beach a bottle thrown into the sea 37 years earlier, 6,000 kilometers away. The bottle found by the schoolgirl had been launched with 749 others as part of a scientific experiment carried out between 1984 and 1985 by high school students from Choshi (Japan), says the English-speaking Japanese media The Mainichi. The objective was to study the Kuroshio sea current.

Fifty of the bottles had been found in 17 separate locations on different coasts of the Pacific Ocean. In addition to Japanese beaches, the objects had also washed up on the Chinese, Filipino and American coastlines. However, none had been discovered since 2002 and the report of a bottle found on Kikaijima Island, in southwestern Japan. The natural science club of the high school at the origin of the experiment had even ceased its activities in 2007.

Surprise and emotions in Japan

New environmental protection rules have in fact banned studies requiring throwing objects into the sea. “I was surprised, it revived nostalgic memories of my high school years,” Mayumi commented. Kanda, 54, member of the school club in 1984. The Japanese woman wanted to thank everyone involved in the discovery.

The Bottle and Its Contents, a postcard explaining the experience in Japanese, English and Portuguese, was returned to Choshi High School. They got there on September 3. Two students wrote a letter of thanks to the young discoverer of the object.

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