Attacks against Karine Le Marchand in the media: M6 denounces “denigrating and unfounded” remarks

Just a point. On September 10, the magazine “Public” published a two-page article entitled “The princess is in the meadow!”, Focusing on the behavior of Karine Le Marchand behind the scenes. An anonymous source tells it in particular that the host of M6 is “painful with his teams and deceptively friendly with the farmers“of” Love is in the meadow “. The journalist who signs this paper completes it with old declarations of a farmer who considers her hypocritical or of Matthieu Delormeau who declared about her that she is”contemptuous and not sympathetic“. Close the ban.

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“We again wanted to express our support for Karine”

On the occasion of the presentation of season 16 of “France has an incredible talent” organized this afternoon in the premises of M6, Guillaume Charles, the director of programs, immediately made a statement to the many journalists present. Speaking “on behalf of the M6 ​​group“, he lamented without citing” Public “- whose article was the subject of repetitions by other titles -“disparaging remarks, unfounded remarks“. Under the watchful eye of Karine Le Marchand sitting nearby, he clarified:”With Fremantle (the production company of “La France has an incredible talent” and of “Love is in the meadow”, editor’s note), we wanted to express our support for Karine once again. She has her character, we all know it, but she has great sincerity. When she loves, she loves. When she don’t love, she don’t love“.

And to continue by referring to the farmers and even to the people that Karine Le Marchand accompanied as part of her program “Operation Renaissance”: “You can see how much she gets involved with these people before, during and after the shoot. I believe that is also what makes her so successful and that she is the favorite host of the French. It is this sincerity. (…) Maybe she sometimes expresses it a little too much. But no one can take that away from him. (…) We will always defend Karine. It’s important to say it “.

“I laugh at situations and try not to laugh at people”

A few moments later, Karine Le Marchand took the floor in turn to talk about her role in “France has an incredible talent”, which she is preparing to present for the second consecutive year. She sketched the beginning of a response to the critics: “I take great pleasure in questioning people who are a little on the high side. Everyone has their uniqueness, everyone has their beliefs. I laugh at situations and try not to laugh at people“, underlined the host.

At the end of 2020, M6 had already gone to the front to defend its star host, this time after judged remarks “particularly disparaging“kept in” Don’t touch my post “”against Karine Le MarchandIn reaction, the group led by Nicolas de Tavernost had announced that it was suspending all participation of the faces of the channel in the C8 talk show.

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