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The latest official report shows 25 deaths linked to the pandemic and 3,603 positive cases. The health authorities call for general mobilization in the face of this “major crisis”.

Resumption of Covid press briefings in the government, after a weekend break. A session devoted to health issues and then to teaching (read here). The vice-president, Isabelle Champmoreau, began by announcing the last official report. This Sunday, three additional deaths were deplored, bringing to 25 the number of deaths linked to the pandemic since the start of this crisis.

The number of positive cases is now 3,603 cases, including 72 new ones. “Yesterday, 39 patients were in intensive care and 249 were hospitalized in a Covid unit”, said the member of the government. The average age of people in intensive care is 59 years old. About 150 people are in hospital. And this weekend, New Caledonia counted 2,350 vaccinations. At this point, almost 47% of the total population has received a first dose. 29% have a complete vaccination schedule.

An already heavy toll

The president of the medical commission of establishment in Gaston-Bourret returned to the critical situation experienced by the Médipôle this weekend. “The results of the CHT are quite edifying, did he declare. We have opened more than 320 Covid beds “, knowing that the hospital has 500 in all. As of Monday, 260 beds were occupied by patients.

We consumed this weekend in 24 hours all of what we normally use in a week, in oxygen.

Dr de Greslan, president of the medical establishment commission at the CHT

The coordinator of the hospital system detailed the various measures already taken to cover all aspects of the care of Covid patients. “The mobilization must be general. Today it includes the staff of the hospital but not only. The DSCGR and all the health structures of the territory are on a war footing”, he continued, continuing: “We need to work on the return home. We need to work on post-Covid support.”

Call for solidarity

And to call the liberal nurses for help (who can report to the DASS at this email: [email protected]): “We need them to create a sectorized network of nurses.” Regarding pricing, “these questions should no longer take place”, estimates the doctor.

It is time for all the players in the field to mobilize. The teams [médicales] are already on their knees.

Thierry de Greslan, president of the CHT medical establishment commission

For Thierry de Greslan, this solidarity must also be done at home. “We cannot leave the children of sick people unattended”, considers the doctor for whom Caledonia is going through “a major crisis which requires a lot of social bond”.

The Médipôle and the sorting of patients

While patients with Covid keep flocking to the CHT, “we are already forced, for some, to make choices”, said Dr de Greslan, about the patients to be saved. To do this, “a very big job” was carried out on ethical issues “to support each doctor, each family, in these difficult choices of sorting. To be able to offer the best chances to the people who will be able to benefit from them”.

For some of these patients, and mainly the unvaccinated, “the fact of having too many factors of comorbidities or an age too advanced will not allow a correct resuscitation”, indicated the president of the CME of the CHT who mentioned the existence of a “written” and “widely disseminated”.

End of life at home

For very severe cases from the outset, which cannot benefit from resuscitation, and when this is desired by the patient and the family, the end of life at home is now possible. Since Monday, September 20, a palliative care structure has been set up at home, with the CHS and the CHT. It is up to the attending physician to request this specific support for families.

People should not be left alone, even if they cannot go to the hospital. They can be accompanied by a dedicated team with a doctor, a nurse and a psychologist.

Thierry de Greslan

Remove doubts about the vaccine

Faced with lower attendance at vaccination centers in recent days, and rumors circulating on social networks, Dr de Greslan wished to raise doubts about the alleged risks of vaccine-related mortality. “In the hospital we see people dying, not from vaccines, but from Covid.”

The coordinator of the hospital system recalled that “the only people who have short stays are the rare people who have been vaccinated [et hospitalisées en unité covid]”.” The vast majority ” patients are people “unvaccinated”.

The expected effects of confinement

In addition to vaccination, the doctor insisted on the importance of respecting confinement “everywhere, on the whole island”. The authorities fear in fact “a wave in the North”.

We are still in the influx of infected patients before confinement. We hope to have a containment effect by the end of the week.

Thierry de Greslan

Accused efforts at Mont-Dore

Isabelle Champmoreau, the vice-president of the government, announced the implementation of specific actions in Mont-Dore to bring vaccination closer to the population. With today, Monday, September 20, the possibility of being vaccinated at the local antenna of the town hall in Saint-Louis. Same thing tomorrow, Tuesday September 21, at the sports plateau of the Briquèterie, in Vallon-Dore.

The summary disseminated by the government:

Martin Charmasson’s report

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