Astonishing metamorphosis of this candidate, with 75 kilos less, incredible …

The Voice All Stars this is a very special edition of the program. Indeed, it is the event season of the 10 years of the show. So, renowned coaches and talents who have marked the history of this extraordinary adventure are back. The coaches of The Voice do not show up. They are Zazie, Jenifer, Mika, Florent Pagny and Patrick Fiori. As for the talents, the public finds them as the blind auditions progress. And what a surprise to find Yoann Launay on stage! Not that he has no place for this special edition of The Voice All Stars. But if the public was amazed it is because the singer has lost a lot of weight since 2015. Objeko cannot deny that it is impressive to lose 75 pounds! So everyone is talking about a real metamorphosis!

The Voice All Stars has tons of surprises in store for viewers

For anniversary editions of cult programs such as The Voice, fans have no doubts that the production is hiding cards up its sleeves. Indeed, the emotion is at its height for each episode of the show. And no one doubts that we are not at the end of our surprises. In addition to being surprised and transported by the performances of the candidates, the nostalgia for such an event allows The Voice All Stars to be one of the PAF’s most breathtaking shows. Nikos Aliagas, animator for more than 20 years, knows something about it. For him, The Voice All Stars will continue to surprise us more and more!

But the surprise of Yoann Launay’s participation was not so much due to his performance. Certainly, he was exceptional and his magnificent voice knew how to touch the public and the coaches again. But that would perhaps have been eclipsed by the surprise of his “metamorphosis”. Indeed, it is 75 kilos of which this candidate star of season 4 of The Voice. He was part of Zazie’s team at the time. So, to all these emotions, we also had to add that of the reunion between this talent and the star singer.

Yohann Launay is making a fantastic comeback. From the height of his 32 years and after six years spent away from the scene of The Voice, it was unanimous among viewers. Objeko confirms it to you, the vocal talents of this singer are still intact. And so he was able to attract even more attention thanks to this impressive weight loss.

A new envelope for this talent with a golden voice

“Today, we take the same person, we take off 75 kilos, and here I am. I think people will recognize me anyway, I kept the sideburns ” he said laughing backstage at The Voice All Stars. Indeed, 75 kilos is not a detail. Zazie then herself wanted to salute the singer’s weight loss. “You are transformed my Yoann, hat!” she called out. But according to her, it also changed the tone of the singer’s voice. “I feel like it changed your tone a bit.” she said to him. Decidedly, Yoann Launay did well to keep his sideburns to be recognized then. Joking aside, Objeko knows full well that fans of Yoann Launay could not fail to recognize the artist.

On social networks, fans of this star talent of The Voice All Stars are fully behind him. Indeed, like all the other candidates, he has every chance of winning. And we have no doubt that he wishes to do better than his last performance in the adventure. Because during season 4, Yoann Launay was eliminated during the quarter-finals. This year, he will therefore try to rewrite history. And for that, he still chose Zazie to accompany him as far as possible. After all, she too may have a desire for revenge. It is also for this kind of reason that The Voice All Stars may be one of the most thrilling of all seasons of The Voice.

With the exception of Patrick Fiori, all the coaches have memories of The Voice. However, Patrick Fiori is used to The Voice Kids. And so it could be that some of his talents have grown up and come into the adult edition of the program! We told you, we are not at the end of our surprises!

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