Apple increases the storage of its devices but again and again forgets iCloud

The arrival of the iPhone 13 marks the end of 64 GB on iPhones: now it will be at least 128 GB for everyone – except to buy an older generation iPhone, of course. A welcome “gesture” on the part of Apple, which we have known slower to relax. The iPhone 6s (the first that can shoot in 4K) was still marketed with 16 GB of storage in 2015, a very small capacity of which there was little left once the OS was installed. It was not until the iPhone 7 that the entry level went to 32 GB and Cupertino then accelerated the pace with the iPhone 8, sold directly in 64 GB.

IPod touch is Apple’s latest mobile device sold with at least 32 GB of storage.

There just got better for the iPad as well. The entry-level model finally goes from 32 small GB (of which only 23 can be used) to 64 GB more suitable. Finally, there is only the iPod touch which is sold with 32 GB of storage by default! He is definitely the outcast of the family, since we remember that he does not even have a Touch ID sensor.

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