Amazon bans 600 Chinese brands for fake reviews

The companies were aware of their repeated frauds, estimates today the giant of the web.

Amazon continues to practice zero tolerance with fraudsters. After having banned the brands Aukey, Mpow or Ravpower, the web giant recently confirmed that these brands were in fact only the tip of the iceberg. According to online media The Verge and the South China Morning Post, Amazon would indeed have definitively banned more than 600 Chinese brands, from some 3,000 seller accounts.

Stop fraud and fake reviews

If Amazon is so firm with its sellers, it is because a few months earlier, the Wall Street Journal revealed that many brands present on the American marketplace engaged in the traffic of fake reviews. In return for a five-star review, these offered users the reimbursement of their purchases, or assets on their stores. Banned in 2016, the practice had in recent years taken more discreet forms, for example by offering warranty extensions or refunds without product returns.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, the 600 brands affected by this lifetime ban have knowingly, and on multiple occasions, violated the terms and conditions of the platform over the past five months. It’s obviously a safe bet that other brands – no doubt more discreet – have managed to slip through the cracks for similar practices.

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