Alzheimer’s disease: 74% fear its onset

According to an IFOP / Fondation Médéric survey, the French clearly identify the main symptoms of the disease (language disorders, memory disorders, etc.).

900,000 French people are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. On September 21, for World Alzheimer’s Day, an IFOP / Fondation Médéric Alzheimer survey was published on the prevention of this incurable disease and relayed by Pourquoidocteur. This survey compared the state of knowledge between 1992 and 2021. Good news, 97% of respondents have already heard of this age-related neurodegenerative disease against 58% 30 years ago. According to this new study, the symptoms are now well identified by the French: memory problems (88%), difficulties in finding their way (86%), language and attention problems (79%). Among the signs, the risk of depressive episodes remains less known to respondents, it was cited by only 47% of people.

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Avoidable risk factors

This survey also looked at how the panel felt about Alzheimer’s disease. Today, three quarters of French people are afraid of one day being affected by this disease. A fear linked, in particular, to the fact that they are 90% to consider that it is an incurable pathology. If 42% were afraid of it in 2001, they are 74% to fear it today. “Delay the onset of cognitive disorders, gain years of cognitive health and reduce its prevalence: preventing Alzheimer’s disease has meaning and usefulness. This is the message that we collectively want to convey!“, indicates Hélène Jacquemont, president of the Médéric Alzheimer Foundation.

However, in 40% of cases, this disease would be preventable. However, only one in ten French people know the means to fight against its appearance. According to a study published on July 30 in the journal The Lancet, controlling twelve risk factors would prevent or delay nearly half of the cases. Thus, it would be beneficial to influence these different factors: correct hearing loss, avoid head trauma, maintain normal blood pressure, fight obesity, treat diabetes, limit exposure to air pollution , raise the level of education, limit alcohol consumption, etc. “Solutions exist to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It is now a question of making them known and encouraging the French to invest personally in improving their chances of aging in good cognitive health.“, summarizes Christine Tabuenca, General Director of the Médéric Alzheimer Foundation.

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