Alix (Koh-Lanta), her love at first sight for Mathieu and then no … she contradicts herself

Many couples have formed thanks to Koh Lanta (Jesta and Benoît and Candice and Jérémy among others). The latest to date composed of Alix Koh-Lanta All Stars 2021 and Mathieu (met in Koh Lanta : The 4 Lands, in 2020) is talking a lot. It must be said that it is still quite rare to see them together. But in TV 7 Days, Alix decided to be less secretive and evoked the beginnings of her romance with Mathieu … even if it meant contradicting herself.

With Mathieu it is not love at first sight. We got closer to each other much later“, she told the magazine. So their romance was born with time to believe her words. Yet to Gala, to formalize their love story, the adventurer had said more or less the opposite: “When I got to publishing The 4 Lands, I fell in love with Mathieu. When we got home, we got together.“Both times, on the other hand, it is formal, they’ve been together for a year.

So, love at first sight or not, it doesn’t really matter that Alix Noblat mixes his brushes. From the moment she is happy with Mathieu Blanchard it is essential. If they share together their passion for sport and thrills, the ex-candidate did not however play the coaches for the return of Alix in Koh Lanta. No, she trained alone like a grown-up. On the other hand, Mathieu shared with her a very useful knowledge to go far in the show. “He took the time to introduce me to the use of the compass, to the ace where I access the orientation test“, she explains. And we wish her to go that far!

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