Algerian Ferries workers demand open borders

The workers of theThe National Passenger Maritime Transport Company (ENTMV) observed a sit-in on Sunday, September 19, 2021 to demand their wages from last August. They also demanded the reopening of borders and the resumption of sea crossings.

Like other passenger transport companies, like Air Algeria, the National Passenger Maritime Transport Company (ENTMV) has been severely impacted by the health crisis linked to the coronavirus. The spread of this pandemic has resulted in the closure of borders and the suspension of air and sea links.

If Air Algérie, for example, has been authorized to operate repatriation flights periodically and very recently to resume its connections as part of the partial reopening of borders, this is not the case for Algeria Ferries. The latter has indeed not provided any crossing since March 2020.

Algeria ferries: wages for the month of August not collected

Inevitably, this situation has had a negative impact on the cash flow of the company which can no longer ensure the salaries of its staff. The workers who can no longer bear this crisis undertook, Sunday, September 19, 2021, a protest action to shout their dismay.

According to several media sources, including the Arabic-language newspaper Echorouk, the employees of this shipping company observed a rally in front of the headquarters of the national management of their company, in Algiers, to demand their wages last August.

“The double standards of the authorities”, denounced

According to the same sources, the personnel of this company also demanded the reopening of the borders to allow their company to resume service. ” We are not asking for preferential treatment, but just to allow the company to return to work One of the protesters told Ennahar TV.

ENTMV workers say they do not understand the double standards of the authorities who allowed Air Algérie to resume service, even partially, while their company is still at a standstill.

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