Air France-KLM takes off on the stock market

While the European stock markets trembled on Monday due to fears surrounding the crisis of the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande and ussi monetary and budgetary policies in the United States, the prices of European airlines soared from the middle of the day after the announcement of the United States to reopen, in early November, its borders to all international passengers fully vaccinated against Covid-19. They had been closed since the start of the Covid in March 2020. Air France-KLM’s share has soared by more than 5%, while Lufthansa and IAG have also seen their courts take off respectively by more than 6% and 10%.

20% of Air France-KLM turnover

For these companies, North America represented a large part of their turnover before the crisis: 20% for Air France-KLM, much more for IAG. Admittedly, a few months ago, they were hoping for an opening for last summer, a high-season period, but the green light has been constantly pushed back with the increase in contamination in Europe. Airlines will therefore have to be content with the winter season, even if it is not the best in terms of attendance.

The drop in contamination and the vaccination rate in Europe have visibly convinced Washington to change its mind. Nonetheless, travelers from overseas will need to get tested and wear a mask, while a contact tracing system will be put in place, White House pandemic coordinator Jeff Zients said. .

The European Union announced on August 30 the return of restrictions on non-essential travel to its territory from the United States, but leaving member states the possibility of lifting the ban for fully vaccinated people. The United States will require tests, the wearing of masks and tracing for travelers from abroad (White House).

This announcement is also excellent news for La Compagnie and French Bee, also present in the United States.

Berlin and London were quick to welcome this decision. On the other hand, in the context of strong diplomatic tensions, France had still not reacted at the time of our posting.