A woman dies in a road accident in La Saline-les-Bains

This Monday, September 20, a new road drama occurred at La Saline les Bains. Seriously injured, a woman died despite the intervention of the emergency services.

Another fatal road accident, this Monday, September 20, in the West of the island. Seriously injured, a woman died, despite the intervention of the emergency services.

Loss of control

The motorist was driving his car on the road to Saline-les-Bains near Trou d’eau, when a vehicle in front of her suddenly braked. The woman would then have struck this car, before being struck herself by the vehicle following her.

The first car would have braked suddenly following the presence of a kid on a roadway. The emergency services and the police are still there. The exact circumstances of the tragedy remain to be determined.

Since the start of the year, this woman is the 31st person to lose her life on the roads of Reunion.

Third fatal accident in three days

This is the third fatal accident in three days in Reunion. On Saturday, a young man in his thirties lost his life in an accident in Etang-Salé. During the night of Saturday to Sunday, a scooter rider was fatally mown by a car in Saint-Paul. Following these road tragedies, the authorities have called for vigilance.

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