A plumber lands a contract with a record company while singing at work – West-France evening edition

It’s an unusual story that comes to us from the UK. Kevin Crane, a 49-year-old plumber, was redoing the bathrooms in a residence, singing along. Her voice impressed the owner, who was quick to get her to sign a contract with a music label.

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Who does not sing anything has nothing? Kevin Crane, a plumber working in Leicestershire (UK), won a contract with a music label repairing three bathrooms in a residence, reports the BBC. During the six weeks of construction, the latter pushes the song, as usual. From Dua Lipa to the Beatles, all styles of music play there, which earned him the nickname of “Singing plumber”, the singing plumber. And this, for the greatest pleasure of Paul Conneally, owner of the premises and director of the music label New Reality Records. I told him he had a beautiful voice and he pointed out to me that he had written and recorded songs in his home studio “, he explains.

An “impressive” style

Kevin Crane then sends him excerpts from his compositions, which hit the mark. “I was impressed by his style and his attention to detail”, continues the 62-year-old producer, who launched his label during the first confinement, in April 2020. “I always thought it would be great to start a label, but it took a massive heart attack and a global pandemic to put me into action,” he explained to Washington post.

Neither one nor two, the man, who had been a physics teacher for fifteen years before switching to music, offered his plumber to produce his album. “I was stunned, declares the lucky one. It’s the kind of story you read that always happens to others. You don’t expect this to hit you! “

His first album, Why Can’t I Be You, is available

At 49, a new career opens up for the singing plumber, nicknamed Kev. “It’s downright surreal. I can’t believe that something like this is happening to me! I love to write songs ”, he confides. His voice is now within everyone’s reach, since his first album, Why Can’t I Be You, is on YouTube. The songs, with the scent of the 1980s, come from an album that the plumber-singer had started writing 25 years ago, without ever finishing it.

While Kev Crane says he’s not looking too far ahead for now, his producer Paul Conneally says he’s been contacted by several people in the music industry for new opportunities and potential collaborations.

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