56% of French people believe that the purchasing power of the working classes has fallen

published on Monday, September 20, 2021 at 7:10 p.m.

58% of French people have looked negatively on Emmanuel Macron’s economic policy since 2017, according to an OpinionWay-Square survey for The echoes and Classic Radio.

According to an OpinionWay-Square poll for The echoes and Classic Radio published Monday, September 20, 50% of French people believe that Emmanuel Macron’s economic action had a positive impact on the purchasing power of the wealthiest French people. 56% of those questioned consider that, on the contrary, the impact of the economic policy of the President of the Republic was negative on the purchasing power of popular categories and 64% that it was also negative on purchasing power of the middle classes.

The reputation of “president of the rich” which sticks to the skin of Emmanuel Macron since the beginning of his quinquennium is verified once again.

“= 1em We find this perception of a president of the rich, of a five-year term which deals more with the wealthy categories and less of the great mass of workers. This refers to the period of the ‘yellow vests’ which gave a coloring to his five-year term “, analysis for The echoes Frédéric Micheau, Deputy Director General of the OpinionWay-Square polling institute.

Asked in detail about the flagship measures of the five-year period, the opinions of those questioned are rather positive. 87% believe that aid to businesses during the health crisis was a good thing. Regarding the abolition of the housing tax, 80% of the French support the measure, as does the withholding of income tax. The reform of unemployment insurance collects 58% of favorable opinions, a percentage which falls to 31% concerning the abolition of the ISF.

Overall, 58% of French people consider the economic action of Emmanuel Macron to be negative since he entered the Elysee Palace in 2017. “It is a classic of the Fifth Republic for the end of his mandate, in general. and for a long time, the balance sheets have been considered negative by more than two thirds of the population, ”recalls Frédéric Micheau.

Action deemed mostly positive for the voters of François Fillon

Thus, they were 78% for François Hollande in December 2016, 70% for Nicolas Sarkozy in December 2011, recalls the economic daily. “There, 40% consider his economic action positive, even though a large part of his five-year term has been prevented by the health crisis”, qualifies Frédéric Micheau.

Another interesting lesson from this poll in the run-up to the presidential election, 55% of François Fillon voters in 2017 have a positive opinion of Emmanuel Macron’s economic action. Finally, on the ability of the presidential candidates to do better than Emmanuel Macron in terms of the economy, none stand out. Marine Le Pen would be the best placed with only 19% of French people who believe that she would do better.

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