3 new features in iOS 15 that will make your life easier

IPhone users can take advantage of updating their operating system today. Indeed, Apple launches iOS 15 on devices signed by a Apple with a slew of new features, a few days after announcing the new iPhone 13. An alert will be sent to users of compatible iPhones and iPads. It will automatically install the update. You will have to make sure beforehand that you have made a backup of the device on iCloud or on a PC or Mac type computer.

Apple detailed the main changes last June, and the public beta of iOS 15 has been available all summer. Among the strengths of iOS 15 are improved and more customizable notifications, a new design for Safari, updates to the Maps, Photos and Weather applications or even a SharePlay format for sharing an application screen, music in FaceTime. , a remote film. Among all the new features, here are three features that will make your daily life easier.

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Concentration modes


The idea of ​​Concentration modes is to refine the management of notifications so as not to be constantly called upon by your smartphone. On the iPhone, you can change your options via Settings> Concentration (just above Screen Time). This section allows you to access and customize the following modes: Driving, Do Not Disturb, Rest, Personal Time and Work.

Each category can be configured. Siri analyzes outgoing messages and calls and automatically suggests allowing notifications from the most regular contacts. Communication with these people can come from other applications, such as Facebook Messenger, and therefore not just iMessage or SMS.

The uses then depend on daily priorities. You can create a “work” mode by authorizing only a few contacts or a “driving” mode by blocking notifications only. The latter category can also be activated automatically if the iPhone detects that the user is driving a vehicle. The “rest” mode cuts absolutely everything except the clock and a few emergency contacts to be specified.

By default, when using Focus mode to block incoming notifications, your status is automatically displayed to other users in apps like Messages. It is possible to deselect this option in the configuration parameters.

Recognizing text in an image


iOS 15 has finally developed a feature that we all hoped to use one day: select text in a photo. Called “Live Text”, it allows the user to direct the camera to a document for example and to isolate a handwritten text. We can then paste it in a message, an email or other.

The text recognition function works throughout the operating system, so it will be possible to select writings directly from photos in the personal gallery or from images from the web. Live Text will also recognize native texts: you can thus locate a phone number for example and call it immediately.

Voice isolation during a call


In the age of telecommuting, Apple wants its devices to offer the best possible quality of communication. A “voice isolation” option is now available so that the interlocutor can clearly hear the discussion. IPhone focuses sound only on voice and blocks out all other ambient noise. The technology works with all call formats (video or audio). With iOS 15, Apple is definitely trying to get ahead of Zoom. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the application has become a benchmark in professional communications and the Californian group is trying to regain control of the video calls of its users.

FaceTime in iOS 15 will also allow iPhone users to video chat with Android and Windows users. With Portrait mode, you can also blur your background and focus on you. Big news is spatial audio is coming, which means you will finally get 3D sound, making you feel like your recipients are in the same room as you.

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