Abbotsford floods: Mayor operating on adrenaline as he leads town thru flooding crisis

Abbotsford, B.C. –

Unheard of flooding plunged Abbotsford right into a disaster. And main town thru that disaster has been town’s mayor, Henry Braun.

“I don’t even know what day … it’s because all of them glance the similar,” stated the mayor.

From conferences to media briefings to the barrage of emails and textual content messages, his days are lengthy.

“I stand up at 2 or 3 within the morning and are available house at 7 (p.m.) and feature one thing to devour and move to mattress,” he stated.

He says his spouse thinks he’s operating on adrenaline.

With an Abbotsford police escort, Braun took a CTV Information staff completely at the back of the roadblocks Thursday as he surveyed the flood injury and growth on dike maintenance.

“When that dike broke, the farmers that had been with regards to the bridge informed me the water rose 3 ft each hour,” he stated as we drove in the course of the jap a part of Sumas Prairie.

In this a part of the residences, many fields are nonetheless swallowed up through water.

“This water is going the entire option to Vedder Mountain,” the mayor stated as he surveyed a flooded space off No. 3 Highway close to Freeway 1.

However he’s inspired that waters have dropped.

“The previous day, this was once below water,” stated the mayor, who has lived locally for 68 years.

Braun stated when the flooding started, his first ideas had been with the farmers of Sumas Prairie.

Now, he worries a few of them – so crushed through their losses and with out insurance coverage – gained’t be capable to get started over.

“There’s one dairy, they misplaced their complete herd of 150 cows,” the mayor stated. “I met some blueberry other people. They know that their crops are lifeless.”

“There’s anger on one aspect to heartache and mourning and grieving for the losses that those other folks have suffered in our prairie.”

Close to the Barrowtown Pump Station, the mayor issues to a wall of sandbags constructed through volunteers all the way through the height of flooding. He credit them with preventing off a fair better crisis.

“If it wasn’t for them … I don’t know what would have came about as a result of we (Town of Abbotsford crews) couldn’t get right here as it was once all below water.”

With rain falling and extra important storms within the forecast, the mayor says town is as able as it may be.

“We’ve got some capability for taking up extra water from the rain. I truly do consider that we’re k if the Nooksack (River) remains on its aspect of the border,” he stated.

When requested if he was once indignant that U.S. executive didn’t do extra to offer protection to the Nooksack River from spilling its banks and pouring water into Sumas Prairie, the mayor stated now isn’t the time for pointing palms. Nonetheless, he believes it’s time for Washington State and the Capitol to step up so this doesn’t occur once more.

Proceeding throughout Sumas Prairie, the mayor’s subsequent forestall is the phase of the dike that had the biggest breach. Braun has flown over this space ahead of, however that is his first time surveying it from the bottom and he’s happy on the growth.

“I’m delighted with what I see right here,” stated the mayor.

“I simply talked to contractor who tells me they’re six inches clear of being on the elevation (that’s wanted).”

The mayor is obviously happy with his group for status in combination all the way through the flooding, however he stated it’s going to take weeks for the waters to subside. They usually first need to make it thru a sequence of extra storms. 

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